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Ausangate Trek with Rainbow Mountain 6D/5N

Ausangate Trek to Machu Picchu: A Majestic Walk Amongst the Clouds

Venture with us on the captivating Ausangate Trek, a journey deep into the heart of the formidable Vilcanota mountain range, nestled just south of Cusco. This trek offers a symphony of natural beauty, ancient traditions, and awe-inspiring vistas.

The Vilcanota is one of the most impressive of Peru’s mountain ranges, with many 6000-meter peaks, including Apu Ausangate mountain 6400m/20,350fts, the highest snowy mountain in the south of Peru. This high and wild trekking circuit is the alpine valleys home to traditional Quechua-speaking communities. 

Peru’s most rare and spectacular wildlife are here, including herds of grazing Vicuñas and domestic camelids, Llamas and Alpacas. On this journey, you will enjoy unbelievably lakeside camps and cross several 5000-meter passes, each providing spectacular mountain views. You will also marvel at brilliantly colored landscapes, turquoise high mountain lagoons, imposing White glaciers, local farmlands, and ice dunes, all part of the majestic Vilcanota mountain range.

You will be amazed at the colorful sediment striations in Vinicunca: Rainbow Mountain. If you are looking for challenges and beautiful with spectacular views, join us.

It’s crucial to be physically prepared for this journey:

Before embarking on the Ausangate Trek, it’s essential to prepare yourself physically to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The high altitudes and challenging terrain require a certain fitness level, so engaging in cardiovascular exercises and strength training in the months leading up to the trek is advisable.

In addition to physical exercise, it’s crucial to acclimatize to the high altitudes before starting the trek. Spending a few days in Cusco, a city at 11,152 feet, will help your body adjust to the thinner air. During this time, it’s essential to stay hydrated, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and listen to your body’s signals.

By preparing yourself physically and acclimatizing to the altitude, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the challenges of the Ausangate Trek and make the most of these incredible adventure exercises and strength training in the months leading up to the trek is advisable.


Our journey begins bright and early, departing from Cusco around 8:00 am. With the excitement in the air, we’ll hop into our private transport, heading to our trek’s starting point at Quesiuno, accompanied by our dedicated trekking crew.

As we settle down for lunch and savor the flavors, our expert horsemen will get busy prepping our camping gear. Post-lunch, we’ll embark on a three-hour steady climb, with our sights set on Vininkunca, known as the Rainbow Mountain, towering at a lofty 5000 meters.

But that’s not all! We’ll also explore the mesmerizing Red Valley, a vast expanse blanketed with striking red sand soil. It is a magnificent vantage point, offering panoramic views of the snow-draped Apu Ausangate glacier.

After capturing memories and marveling at the picturesque Rainbow Mountain, our journey continues. A trek of around 1:45 hours will bring us to our resting spot for the night – the Sorimaniccocha camp, cozily situated at 4700 meters.  

Altitude: 3400 m/10800ft. Surimaniccocha 4700 m/14000ft, Distance: 12 km. Time: 6 hrs.


Waking up to the cool mountain air, we’ll kickstart our day with an energizing breakfast. Our journey begins with an hour-long ascent to the Warmysaya Pass, which stands majestically at 5000 meters. Atop this pass, brace yourself for the captivating sight of the Apu Ausangate mountain, a gem of the Andean range.

Once we’ve soaked in the panoramic views and taken a breather, our trek continues, descending for two hours into the lush Ananta Valley. We’ll set our sights on the Pukaccocha Pass, scaling a challenging elevation of 5900 meters over the next three hours.

Reaching the summit of Pukaccocha Pass rewards us with unparalleled views. We’ll marvel at the pristine glacier lagoons – Pukaccocha and Ccomerccocha, shimmering under the Andean sun.

Throughout the day, expect delightful encounters with herds of llamas and alpacas. These trails we tread are also frequented by local herdsmen, trading and communicating with agricultural communities.

After these serene encounters, our descent will take us to the tranquil Pucaccocha lagoon, our chosen spot for a well-deserved lunch. With our energies rejuvenated, we’ll trek for another three hours, reaching our base camp for the night – Ausangate Ccocha, nestled at an altitude of 4600 meters.

Altitude: 4700 m. Ausangate Ccocha 4600 m, Distance: 14 km, Time: 8 to 9 hours.


Greeting the morning with a delectable breakfast, we gear up for the day’s challenges. The first task on our list is a three-hour climb leading us to Palomino Pass, the pinnacle of our trek, standing tall at 5200 meters.

From this vantage point, the sights are nothing short of spectacular. Your eyes will meet the vast expanse of the Cordillera Vilcanota, a majestic mountain range stretching from Bolivia’s Potosi. It’s the perfect moment to capture memories with your camera, as the landscapes will be etched in your heart forever.

Once we’ve filled the mountainous splendor, we’ll descend, finding ourselves in the verdant embrace of the Pampacancha valley. This lush valley, dotted with glacial moraines, rests at 4500 meters. Here, amidst the tranquillity, we’ll pause for lunch, rejuvenating ourselves for the journey ahead.

Post-lunch, our trek continues with a two-hour gradual ascent, guiding us to our base camp for the night, Zorapampa, nestled at 4600 meters.

But today’s journey isn’t just about altitudes and terrains. As we traverse the path, we’ll pass by quaint Quechua-speaking communities, offering a slice of local life. The sight of farmers tending to their potato fields and herding their camelids, including Llamas and Alpacas, adds a touch of authenticity to our trek, reminding us of the rich culture embedded in these mountains.  

Altitude: 4600 m. Zopampa camp 4600 m, Distance: 16 km, Time: 7 to 8 hrs.


Starting the day with a hearty breakfast, we embark on a steady four-hour climb to the impressive Qampa Pass, standing tall at 5100 meters. As we make our way, we’ll pass charming farmhouses, giving us glimpses of the region’s camelid residents – Llamas, Alpacas, and the rare Vicuñas.

The morning’s trek promises not just diverse fauna but panoramic vistas as well. From this altitude, the Pacchanta Valley unfolds before your eyes on a clear day. And if the skies are generous, you might even catch a distant glimpse of the renowned Salkantay mountain.

Rejuvenating with a downhill trek of two hours, we’ll pause for a refreshing lunch at Ninaparayoc. With hunger satiated, we prepare for the next leg of our journey – a three-hour descent that leads us to the heart of the Pacchanta community.

But what truly sets this afternoon trek apart is its unparalleled beauty. You’ll witness the other side of Apu Ausangate, an often overlooked view. Adding to the spectacle, we traverse past seven glacier lagoons. With its distinct hue, each lagoon holds sacred significance for the local inhabitants, enveloped in an aura of reverence and mystery.

Altitude: 4600 m. Pacchanta 4000 m, Distance: 20 km, Time: 8 to 9 hrs.


As we inch closer to the marvel that is Machu Picchu, today offers a much-needed break for relaxation and cultural immersion.

Starting the day with a hearty breakfast, we’ll board our private transport for a scenic five-hour journey to Ollantaytambo.  

Midway, we’ll make a delightful pitstop at a local eatery. Here’s your chance to savor Peru’s culinary gems – the traditional Roasted Guinea Pig or the irresistibly crunchy Chicharrones (Deep Fried Pork).

Our drive continues with a brief stop at Cusco, allowing us to drop off our duffel bags at the hotel. Post this, our route takes us to the Ollantaytambo train station. Boarding the train from here, prepare for a picturesque 1 hour and 45-minute journey to Aguas Calientes.

This isn’t merely a train ride. It’s a transition from the rugged high mountains to the lush embrace of the tropical forest, often regarded by many Ausangate trekkers as one of the most pleasurable train trips.

Our day concludes in the cozy comfort of a hotel in Aguas Calientes, letting you rejuvenate for the much-awaited exploration of Machu Picchu. So, get some rest, for tomorrow promises wonders!

Altitude: 4000 m to Aguas Calientes 2000 m, driving time: 5hrs.


Rise and shine! After a hearty breakfast, your guide will meet you at the hotel, leading the way to a brief bus ride that takes you straight to the gates of the mystical Machu Picchu.

Today’s adventure delves deep into the wonders of this ancient Inca city. For the next three hours, immerse yourself in stories of how this architectural marvel was conceived, constructed, and rediscovered. 

If you’re among the fortunate ones to have secured a ticket for Wayna Picchu, brace yourself for an exhilarating climb that promises unparalleled views of the Inca citadel. A word of caution, though – with a cap of just 400 visitors a day, this experience is exclusive. If this climb is on your bucket list, ensure you book your entrance well in advance with us.

As the sun begins its descent, we’ll rendezvous in the vibrant town of Aguas Calientes. Our journey back to Cusco commences with a train ride, heading either to Ollantaytambo or Poroy, depending on availability.  

The day culminates with private transport ensuring you’re comfortably settled back in your Cusco hotel.


Tour: Ausangate Trek with Rainbow Mountain 6D/5N
Type: Alternative Treks, Best of Peru
Duration: 6D/5N
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Vilcanota mountain range, Rainbow Mountain, Machu Picchu
Destinations: Cusco, Quesiuno, Red Valley, Vininkunca, Rainbow Mountain, Ausangate glacier, Sorimaniccocha camp, Pukaccocha Pass, Pucaccocha lagoon,Pampacancha valley, Alpacas, llamas

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