Explore Lima city 2D/1N

Starting from the city of the kings by the coast of Peru, go to the Andes where you will explore the seven wonders of the world. Machupicchu and Cusco or (qosqo) the sacred valley, salt mines. Going to the Amazon rainforest where you will enjoy the richness of flora and fauna of Peru. And the world.

Our expert Peru travel designer with the make-up of your family, to the purpose of the trip, will help you together with a completely bespoke and personalized travel plan. Your journey will be based on your interests, preferences, and time. Because you are a family, do not miss out on the very best of experiences, style, and the best service.


Meet the Peru host in the Airport of Lima, please look for a Machupicchu trails host holding a sign with your name on it. We know you will be tired after a long journey from your home country, Our host will transfer you to your Hotel.


Lima is the largest and most populated city in Peru. you will visit the historic downtown áreas an as atrial, san Franciscan church and Larco museum, after your visit your private guide will bring you back to your Hotel. Lima is very well known particularly for its excellent cuisine like our traditional CEVICHE Food from the coast. Or Our Pisco Sour a Peruvian coastal. Your travel designer can arrange any of this beautiful tours for you, as well depending on your interest and expectation, we can put together the best thing to see and to do in the city to make your more memorable experience restaurant journey.

Tour: Explore Lima city 2D/1N
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